Room Hire

Due to COVID restrictions (which are determined by the Church of Scotland in consultation with the Scottish Government) we continue to have some restrictions in place.

If you have any queries about this, please contact our Church Administrator, Angela, to discuss room hire

We have updated our Terms and Conditions of Hire which can be found by clicking on the link below.

We strongly advise as a potential user that you read the update carefully. In brief, the main changes are as follows: –

  • The Hiring Organisational Leader must undertake their own risk assessment for managing risks arising from their own activities when they have control of the premises to include COVID Security. We will need to receive a copy of this document by email BEFORE we can confirm a booking.
  • All attendees will be required to wear a Face Covering at all times within the building.
  • All attendees will be required to sanitise their hands and, if refreshments are being served, check-in via the NHS Test & Protect app (scan the QR Code and Register your details) or sign the paper copy to conform with the NHS Test & Protect requirements.


We continue to offer the Lawers hall, & Farragon.  The Sanctuary is for religious services/gatherings only, we will work with you to explore ways of using these spaces to meet your hiring needs in a COVID-19 safe way.

All our rooms are wheelchair accessible including toilet facilities.

Room hires are subject to our terms and conditions which can be found by clicking on the link below.


Here you will find answers to common questions about booking the rooms at Aberfeldy Parish Church. These answers are based on the Legal Terms and Conditions as outlined by Aberfeldy Parish Church.

Making A Booking

Each of the available rooms and the kitchen can be booked per hour per room. We offer a discount rate for bookings by registered charities.

Bookings are made through completing the booking form or by contacting Angela, the Church Administrator, who can be contacted  by emailing her on

You need to include setting up and clearing up time and can only extend your booking time with prior permission in writing as other users may have booked to follow you. If you extend beyond the booked times, you are liable to a charge.

Can we have discos with raucous laughter?  The Youth team regularly have disco nights on the last Friday of the month.  Please discuss with Angela, the Church Administrator, if you wish to have a disco.

All events must finish by 10.30pm and the building must be vacated by 11pm.

You can use the room or rooms you have hired and the common areas (toilets, circulation areas and entrances). You cannot use the kitchen unless you have specifically hired it.

We hope the Centre will be widely used but there are some restrictions. As well as not being used for anything unlawful, the Centre should not be used for acts of worship other than Christian worship or for activities inconsistent with the church’s ethos. The Church reserves the right to refuse bookings without the need to give reasons.

The full amount (plus, if requested, an additional deposit which will be returned minus the cost of any cleaning/damage which the church has to pay for) must be paid 1 week following your booking, an invoice will be emailed to you with the exact cost. If you have a regular, recurring booking we will agree a payment schedule.

The church is entitled to claim interest and debt recovery costs. If you are unable to pay as requested for any reasons then you must inform us at the time of booking.

You should notify us as soon as possible and any refund is at our discretion.

We will do everything we can to prevent this happening but we reserve the right to cancel in exceptional unforeseen circumstances, such as funerals and will refund all fees if this happens.

Preparing For A Booking

You must obtain any local authority or other licence you need for your event. We do not permit the consumption of or sale of alcohol within or in the grounds of Aberfeldy Parish Church.

No. The hiring agreement you have with us is for your use and cannot be transferred.

Yes, we welcome children, but in order to protect them and ensure their safety you need to follow the Church of Scotland Child Protection Guidelines. You will need to sign and follow our Child Protection Policy. Children must be closely supervised if in the kitchen.

There is limited parking on-site. There is nearby free street parking. There are free car parking facilities at the Town Hall, local school and during the evenings you may also use the Doctor’s surgery car park facilities.

Please ensure any advertising clearly states who is responsible for the event and does not portray itself as an Aberfeldy Parish Church event. Please submit any public advertising material to the Church Administrator for approval before distribution and do not display it at the Church without permission.

You are responsible for making adequate arrangements to insure against third-party claims while using the premises and Aberfeldy Parish Church will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your effects during the period of hire. Please email a copy of your insurance documents to the Church Administrator prior to your booking.

During And After A Booking

You will be expected to clean all surfaces touched in accordance with the Church of Scotland and Governments Covid-19 regulations.  If extra deep cleaning is needed, please inform the Church Administrator by email

You are responsible for compliance with general rules, safeguarding and any agreements specific to your booking, including for

  • the building’s supervision and security
  • protection of fabric and contents (you must not use nails, Sellotape, blu tack or other fixings)
  • not interfering with electrical equipment and not using fire appliances except in genuine emergency
  • leaving the hired area in a clean and tidy state, returning the room(s) to the state in which you found them, and removing all rubbish, including the patio if you used it
  • the behaviour of those using the Centre including avoidance of noise which disturbs our neighbours
  • observing all relevant regulations (eg fire, sale of goods, food health and hygiene if preparing, serving or selling food)

Yes, as long as it is having a valid PAT test, is effectively earthed and fitted with a 3-pin, 13-amp plug. The Centre’s equipment should not be switched on or plugged in without prior written consent.

You are liable for all damage to fabric or equipment and should report this to the Church Administrator. Money will be deducted from any deposit requested on booking or further payment required to cover the costs of repair of any damage.

Please remove all your rubbish and place it in the re-cycling bins behind the church. For any large rubbish, there are large bins behind the Co-op’s main car park just off Moness Terrace.

Before you leave, please liaise with the Administrator or person who arrives to lock-up and ensure all fire doors and windows are closed, external doors locked and lights turned off in the rooms. Extra costs or damage resulting from failure to do this may lead to further charges.

If you are given any keys, you must return them to the Church Administrator before you leave and not make copies or hand them to anyone else.

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building including toilets. Smoke will set off the fire alarms. Alcohol is not permitted in any part of the building.

Call the Fire Brigade out to any fire, however slight, and report the incident to the Church Administrator. Please ensure fire exits are never obstructed and never tamper with the activation points that set off the alarm unless there is a genuine emergency requiring evacuation. To reduce the risk of fire, highly flammable substances are not permitted.

There is a First Aid Box – in the labelled cupboard in the kitchen. Any personal injury must be recorded in the Accident Book which is with the First Aid Box. If a serious injury happens then please report it also to the Church Administrator as soon as possible.

No, so please ensure you have a mobile for emergencies.