• Sunday Services in The Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary

6.30pm Thursday, 26 October

Induction service for the Rev. Neil Glover

12.15pm Sunday, 29 October

 Rev. Neil Glover preached in service including main communion service.

Please note that services thereafter revert to the usual time of 11.15 am


In support of Action Poverty Week

- Screening of I Daniel Blake

at 3.30pm on Tuesday 17 October at the Birks Cinema

- Food and Friendship Lunch

12.30 pm Thursday 19 October onwards with various  agencies present

- Social Bite ‘Sleep in the Park’

9 December. Sign up or support various participants


For more information on any of these events, please talk to Angus Macdonald, Session Clerk.

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Nestled near beside the Tay, a few miles east of the Loch, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery of Highland Perthshire, we are truly in the Heartland.

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Unless otherwise stated, all Services will be held at the Aberfeldy Parish Church of Scotland. Scottish Charity number SC007899

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