Covid Updates

This FAQ applies to the situation in Aberfeldy.  Please click this here for Church of Scotland updates. 

This is being written to keep people informed of the current ‘state of play’ as far as the Aberfeldy Parish Church buildings are concerned. It is greatly regretted that the pandemic has caused such severe disruption not only to our normal services, events and ‘programmes’ but also to the many organisations that have taken advantage of the facilities on a regular basis over recent years.

We are delighted to announce that we are able to start to take bookings, all be it at a reduced service.  At the moment we are able to offer the Lawers hall and Farragon room to users.  I can but apologise to those who would like to be using the smaller rooms in the building but at this time it is not possible.

The Sanctuary – This is currently open for funerals and reduced capacity Sunday services.  Although the maximum number of mourners at a funeral has now gone up to 100, the maximum number in our sanctuary remains at around 70  (this depends on the sizes of families and bubbles). Detailed precautions are taken to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. Funerals are normally conducted on a Wednesday and, although the chairs and critical areas are suitably treated, it is strongly recommended that there should be a minimum lapse time of 3 days between uses.

The Lawers Room – We are now able to offer this room for rent.  This room is currently able to take 10 – 30 people depending on configuration.  However, you are asked to adhere to the current Covid guidelines as outlined by the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Government.  Please speak to our Church Administrator for clarification. Details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Farragon room – This room is currently able to take 6-12 people depending on configurations.

Rainbow rooms – This room is currently being used to store chairs removed from the Sanctuary and other furniture.

Toilets – The only toilet available for use is the disabled toilet, which must be disinfected after use.

Kitchen – The kitchen should not be used. It currently has a steam cleaner, some instruction sheets and check lists together with some cleaning materials. It is not available for any catering purposes.

Vestry – The Christians Against Poverty (CAP) office is available for use as is the AV cupboard for funerals.

General – It is appreciated that occasional access to the church is required for maintenance purposes and to occasionally access the photocopier cupboard or to obtain files.

Users are asked to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Please ensure that any surfaces that are touched are wiped down using paper towels and alcohol solution-available in the Welcome Area and by the back door. Wipe down light switches, door handles, the key safe and anything else touched.
  2. Please observe and respect the signage within the church restricting access to certain facilities.
  3. Youth work – It is permitted for youth work programs to be activated. Currently Breathe activities are being undertaken using the Breathe centre in the old library..

However, it is possible, In the event of inclement weather and darker nights, that a limited number of young people will be able to use the Sanctuary, within current youth work protocols.

Trace and Protect – It is important that anyone who requires access to the building should complete the Trace and Protect sheets or use the Church of Scotland’s recommended QR code with the NHS track and trace App.  We hope that everyone will comply to help the NHS to supress the spread of COVID-19.

Single Point of Information – Building Use – It is vital that we have one named individual who knows every occasion when the building has been entered, and when the building is planned to be used, or entered. At present that individual is myself. Could I ask that you ensure that I or Angela Hanvey are informed as soon as possible if you intend to use the building or will have to enter for any use.
My number is 07783 303367  Angela’s number is 07860944915.  With thanks in advance for everybody’s co-operation in this. Angus Macdonald (Session Clerk) 3 October 2020

Everyone planning to go to the building must text Annette – ‍07736 ‍384035
Yes, this does apply to all those simply popping in, as well as those who are required to go in for work, simple photo-coping or maintenance purposes.
Why – We are trying to reduce the numbers going in and out. We certainly don’t want a clash with a funeral!

We are all required by the Church of Scotland to sign in every time we enter the building. Sheets and the QR code are now provided at all three entrances. Once again this must be done by everyone, no matter how long you are in the building.
Why – If it was found someone later tested positive, we need to know who has been in the building on the same day. We must be able to trace you!  It also required under Church of Scotland regulations.

All records will be destroyed after 21 days.

Please use the back door during the week.
Why – The front door is only being used for funerals and during the Sunday Service.  We are trying to reduce the amount of cleaning required!
The Bell Tower door is not for general use.

We are required to clean down ALL the surfaces we touch. Wipes are provided for door handles, paper towel and hand gel can be used for bigger surfaces. There are additional cleaning materials in the kitchen.
If you are in the building and make a mess, I know that’s unlikely to be YOU! Please clean up.
Why – We are not cleaning the church building as often as pre lockdown. It must be kept clean for funerals!

There is only one toilet in use – the disabled toilet. Please do not use the others!
Why – We are not cleaning the other toilets, so please respect the limited hours we have to clean! Unless you are volunteering of course!!

Is out of use to all!