News Updates

April 2022


We had our bimonthly Session meeting this month – the main things included pastoral care, a new governance proposal to the hardship fund, the presbytery proposals for posts in our area, and still looking at our kitchen as a cafe.


We continue to work  through our series on Naked Spirituality, looking at the themes of Why and Behold.  The 24th April was a really special service as we celebrated the baptism of Robert Steed – it was great to have so many folks up from Glasgow supporting the family.

February 2022

We continue our series on Naked Spirituality.  In this we’ll be learning how to pray using 12 words suggested by Brian McLaren in his book, “Naked Spirituality”.


These are

  1. Words of Presence
    1. Here
    2. O!
    3. Thanks
  2. Words of Complexity
    1. Sorry
    2. Help
    3. Please
  3. Words of Perplexity
    1. When
    2. No
    3. Why
  4. Words of Harmony
    1. Behold
    2. Yes
    3. […] (Silence)

If you’d like to follow the book it can be ordered from our own Watermill (you can email here), or on online booksellers (if you want to support a Christian online bookseller, why not try

New Elders

On the morning of Sunday 19th September 2021 (it was a busy day) we welcomed four new elders into the life of our congregation: Harriet, Kate, Liz and Tom.  We’re so grateful for the long process of discernment they have been through to reach this point, and to their skills and gifts becoming part of the leadership of our congregation.  This was them being inducted and admitted, with our biggest congregation since the start of the pandemic….