Kisiizi Stove Building Project South West Uganda

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Smoky stoves in the background                                                                    Improved Stoves


Over the last ten years we have had close links with Kisiizi Hospital, a mission hospital in rural south west Uganda:

Improved stovesBetween 2011 and 2017 two members of our congregation were involved in setting up and overseeing ‘the Stove Project’ at Kisiizi Hospital, a mission hospital in rural south-west Uganda.

As in many developing countries, most folk in rural Uganda cook on ‘three stone fires’ which are basically enclosed open fires which create large amounts of smoke. Kisiizi Hospital provides attendants’ kitchens where patients’ relatives cook meals; these were all smoky three stone fires until the Stove Project was able to replace them with improved cookstoves. The congregation of Aberfeldy Parish Church was always excited and keen to raise money for this project which has been extended to a couple of local schools, and a few folk in the community are able to afford the £12 or so it costs to buy an improved stove.

Our main support has been to set up a stove project looking at ‘improved cookstoves’, which create far less smoke than traditional 3 stone open fires; this clearly is vastly better for health, as well as using 50% less wood and less likely to cause bad burns. Kisiizi Hospital is now fitted with improved stoves throughout, so the focus now has turned to introducing more and more into the surrounding community.

If you would like to know more about the Stove Project, or to book a talk about it for a group, please contact Anna and Tom Sibbald –