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Psalms at midnight – Neil Glover – Sunday 22nd April AM

Neil Glover Sunday 22nd April AM Psalms at midnight     

From Acts 16:16-34. A look at Paul and Silas praising God in song while in prison and the effect it had.

Saul’s Conversion – Neil Glover – 15th April

Neil Glover Sunday 15th April AM Angry Young Man     

Acts 9:1-19a. Looking at the story of the conversion of  Saul of Tarsus who later became known as Paul.

Jesus and Thomas – Robert Nicol – 8th April

Robert Nicol Sunday 8th April Thomas - doubter or realist?     

Based on John 20: 19-31. Looking at whether Thomas was really the doubter he is known as or was he a realist.

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Risen man looks like the gardener – Neil Glover – 1st April

Apologies for the sound here… we had mic problems. Thanks to Douglas for rescuing as much as possible. The volume is low for the first 15 minutes then increases abruptly

Risen man lokks like gardener     

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What is the Church of Scotland Up To? – Neil Glover – 25th March Evening

Neil Glover on his work with the Ministries Council and also talks about some of the challenges for the Church of Scotland.

What is the Church of Scotland Up To?     
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Jesus – the crowd favourite – disappoints his fans – Geoff Davis – 25th March

Jesus - the crowd favourite - disappoints his fans     
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Jesus and Pilate Part 2 – Robert Nicol – 18th March

Based on the story of Jesus and Pilate (John 19: 1-16a). Looking at some of the background to Pilate.

Robert Nicol Sunday 18th March AM They think it's all over ...     

Jesus and Pilate – Neil Glover – 11th March 2018

Based on the story of Jesus and Pilate (John 18:28-19:16) – Pilate comes to the realisation that he is encountering a true King, and the forces of empire, politics and expediency are pressing him to execute this unique individual.

Jesus and Pilate - 11th March - Neil Glover - Jesus and Pilate     


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Jesus & The High Priest – Neil Glover – 4th March 2018

The story of Jesus before the High Priest, how Jesus is grounded in his identity (“I am”), how Peter runs away from his (“I am not”) and who God is holding on to all of this mess (as symbolised by provocation of a Rooster’s throat).

Neil Glover Sunday 4th March Jesus and the High Priest     
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