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Those who pulled the beard – Geoff Davis Sun 14th April AM

Isaiah 50: 4-9, Luke 22: 39-65.

Geoff Davis Sunday 14th April AM     
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Aroma – Robert Nicol – Sunday 4th April AM

Isaiah 43: 16-21, John 12: 1-8.

Robert Nicol Sunday 7th April AM     
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Throwing an Unpopular Party – Geoff Davis – 24th Feb AM

Psalm 37: 1-11, Luke 6: 27-38.

Geoff Davis Sun 24th Feb AM     
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Fishing Trip Changes Lives – Geoff Davis – 10th Feb AM

Isaiah 6: 1-10, Luke 5: 1-11.

Fishing Trip Changes Lives Sunday 10th Feb AM     
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On the Brink – Robert Nicol – Sun 3rd Feb

Luke 4: 14-30

On the Brink Sunday 3rd February AM     
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John the Baptiser Neil Glover Sunday 16th Dec AM

John the Baptiser. Luke 3: 7-18

Neil Glover Sunday 16th December AM     
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Tragedy – Robert Nicol – Sunday 18th November AM

Tragedy. Job 1: 1, Job 1: 6 – 2: 10.

Robert Nicol Sunday 18th November AM     
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Wise – Neil Glover Sunday 11th Nov AM

Wise. Proverbs 1: 1-7, 3: 5-6.

Neil Glover Sunday 11th Nov AM     
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Home – Geoff Davis Sunday 28th Oct AM

Psalm 84, Luke 4: 14-21. Home

Geoff Davis Sunday 28th Oct AM     
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When You Pray Robert Nicol Sunday 14th Oct AM

Matthew 6: 5-15. Looking at the Lord’s Prayer

Robert Nicol Sunday 14th October AM     
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